Real Estate

Helping Businesses and Investors Thrive

With experience assisting real estate clients for many years, we can help ensure that your interests are protected by reducing risk when real estate is bought, sold, leased or financed.   Often, in the rush to complete a transaction, business owners and real estate investors may overlook costly contractual issues.  With legal counsel involved from the outset, key issues are identified, and risks are reduced.   Before conclusions are reached, the right questions should be asked. 

Our clients include owners of industrial buildings and parks, multi-family apartments, commercial centers and residences.  Our firm helps clients navigate the various complex challenges of real property ownership with its knowledge of the ever-changing real estate landscape, and access to industry-wide resources.

Advising on Acquisitions and Sales, and Leasing

Closing a real estate transaction requires a clear understanding of the transaction objectives and the utilization of local legal customs and procedures to realize your goals. We have negotiated countless real estate agreements for clients purchasing, selling or leasing real property and can work with you to reach your goals.

Advising on Real Estate Investments

The unpredictable nature of the real estate market means that obstacles and pitfalls can come out of nowhere and, if you aren’t prepared with the right strategies, they can ruin your investments. We structure investment entities for reduced liability exposure and enhanced revenue potential and draft agreements among owners that govern their relationship. Through continuous communication, we support investor clients with actionable advice based on years of real estate experience.

Financing Guidance

Securing property financing can be difficult for business owners and investors new to the marketplace.  We use our understanding of customary contract provisions to guide clients through their financing options by helping them identify uncommon provisions and provide advice on appropriate language to ensure their protection.  Your success means aligning the interests of borrower with the expectations of the lender, something that we help you achieve.

Dispute Resolution

Disputes over leases and property ownership can significantly detract from the benefits of real estate investment.   We provide dispute resolution strategies to a broad range of real property owners with the common goal to reduce the related time and expense.  Our understanding of real estate law and our commitment to tactical dispute resolution facilitates resolution of disputes among and between owners and investors over their real property ownership.


Providing counseling on a broad range of real estate issues, we help ensure that you can achieve long-term property ownership success and reduce the risks associated with buying, selling, leasing and financing real property.  Contact Lawrence E. May, PLC for answers to specific questions about real estate issues.