Business Planning

Fitting The Pieces Together

Building a Solid Foundation for Long-Term Success

As a business owner looking to sustain and grow your business, or to develop an exit strategy, it is imperative to understand the financial and cultural foundation of your business.   This understanding enables your business team, your family, and your professional advisors to create a foundation for a successful project and for long-term benefits. Our services pinpoint the questions that you, as a business owner, need to address and we formulate answers together based on the history and facts surrounding your business and family. Using a three-step process, Lawrence E. May, PLC firm can work with you to design a structure that supports your business goals and ensures a sustainable future as you pursue greater success.

Entity Formations

No matter your business focus, a solid legal entity framework is essential to your success. Poor legal planning can undermine even the most novel business ideas, making it essential to ensure that your business is prepared for the long-term.

Whether you are starting a new business or building on past accomplishments, we will work with you to adapt to each obstacle your business faces, be it operating challenges, creating a corporation, limited liability company or forming a partnership, or considering exit strategies. Our services include document preparation and review, but value-add comes from years of business counseling experience.  We are responsive and seek to anticipate the obstacles that are not yet visible.  We will actively confer with you through the initial business considerations on the type of entity, all the way to the agreement among the owners.

Family-Owned Business Counseling

Successfully running a family owned business brings its owner great satisfaction, but requires awareness of its many pitfalls.  An owner is both parent and boss, challenging roles to distinguish.  With family owned businesses, subjective family-oriented decisions may overwhelm the benefits of objective business-oriented directions.  We often serve as a sounding board for matriarchs and patriarchs who value the opportunity to discuss family business matters with an objective resource.  We can suggest management structures to address common challenges during family business transitions and add insight to a difficult process for every family. 

With expertise in areas of family relationships, business growth and transitions, business disputes, contract drafting and review, plus experience with mergers and acquisitions, litigation strategy and raising capital, the firm can act as a general counsel to provide access to all the legal services needed by a business.

Family-Owned Business Succession Planning

Succession planning requires a comprehensive understanding of both business and estate planning in order to collaborate with clients in meeting their succession objectives, while seeking to mitigate associated risks. Factors such as retirement, liquidity events and changes in company management can lead to complex legal situations and require the support of experienced professionals. Our firm can use our multi-discipline expertise and an array of resources to meet your succession planning objectives and maintain your financial security in the future through expertly structured plans.

Established Relationship with Preeminent Counselor-at-Law

Establishing a safe, long-term relationship with a seasoned counselor-at-law should be a top priority as a business owner.   Our experience and patient approach to counseling clients means greater comfort and greater clarity in moving toward business and family goals.  At the same time, we never overlook the risk of unexpected events that can interfere and derail the best planning. 


Your ability to understand and utilize business law to your advantage can make or break your business and our firm can ensure that you overcome the various operational challenges faced by companies on a daily basis. For proactive business solutions created on years of experience, contact the law firm of Lawrence E. May, PLC today and we can help you attain your goals.